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My requisite HMD post, for Komui Lee @ [info]marinasylum.

I'm very receptive to crit, so please don't be shy! But I also love meta discussions so if you do leave a comment it'd be great if you'd stick around long enough to have a back and forth about it. ^_^ Anon comments are welcome (and if they're disabled or something wacky that's unintentional so just let me know).

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[info]erato_dr: Komui/Lenalee Mistletoe Event (sexual content, incest)

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Relationship Chart for Komui Lee @ Marina Asylum

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Plotty post thingie!

So several people have perceptively observed that Marina has slowed down lately, and they're struggling with things to keep their muses occupied. And because I love all of you and all things awesome, I want to help. And hey, I conveniently play Komui and Lacus, two people who can definitely make some things happen -- and hey again, if you want your characters to be involved in a gamewide Thing, we should do that too!

I know not everyone wants their characters at the center of things, so don't think you have to have an idea for your specific character in order to contribute. So consider this a non-specific wish list! State your desire, and we'll all see what we can do.

Let's get out all the ideas! Events you want to see, in your wildest dreams. No matter how zany, no matter how much you think it won't happen! Let's talk about all the things we want to see, how maybe to make them happen, and take it to the mods!

I love you all and I love this game. It's given me months of laughter in the last year when my health has been so rotten I couldn't do much else but be online. I just want everyone to be happier, and if I can contribute in some small way, I want to do just that.

So... HIT ME!!